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Don't blame me it was @glo86 she told me to do it! ^u^ My cleaner picks didn't want to throw anything too explicit on here but WARNING: there IS adult content ahead!! You've been warned.. p.s. sorry not sorry for the pic above!! hehehe!
Jooyoung ~ 'Wet' Uhh yeah... blindfolded lap dance and his voice.. *blushes*
Troublemaker ~ 'Now' (uncut version) Love these two together you always get heat.
miss A ~ 'Hush' booty call from the miss A ladies. choreography is killer along with the song. low-key lady crushing on miss A. If you say you aren't I call lies.
Nasty Nasty ~ 'KNOCK' A special unit group formed from KEVIN of ZE:A, KYEONG REE of 9Muses, and SO JIN a rookie more subtly sexy
That picture tho. And I agree. If someone denies crushing on miss A, you can just assume they are lying.
@baileykayleen the gifs of it are worse/better 👀🙊 troll chen knows how to kill fangirls.
omg nasty nasty knock is a good song I really liked it even if it did have some adult footage haha it was still a good song I like it haha
jaypark videos needs to be here he is the first person that comes to my head when I think of sexy kpop lol
@sherrysahar yeah I could've filled this list with just Jay Park! But I tried to keep it from being too explicit for any younger eyes lol