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Who made us laugh this week?

Of course, the answer is all of the contestants! Their entries were so much fun, so I'd definitely call this game a success!
Here's the final tally:
@wolpht had two comments
@shelbiisonfire had four comments
@Thatperson512 had ten comments
@BeannachtOraibh had eight comments
@HaleValkyrie had four comments
@LAVONYORK had three comments
@MichaelOgg had six comments
@DarthRevan had two comments

Which means... @Thatperson512 is our winner!!!

When your Gf busy but you still wanna Netflix and Chill

May this victory be a permanent testament to your cleverness! Your prize (did I mention there's a prize? Because there is one now) is: YOU GET TO PICK WHICH CHARACTER WE DO NEXT! Yup. Any character from the Marvel universe is fair game for the next caption contest. You have until Friday to decide!
Let's give this awesome Marveler a round of applause!
Awesome! This contest is great! I'm gonna say the next contest should be on Spiderman! (Preferably Toby Maguire) haha
@Thatperson512 oooh we can definitely make that happen! @HaleValkyrie :D you're all winners to me of course