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If you're a giant fan of Star Wars like I am, you're probably a huge fan of Spaceballs as well. Mel Brooks' comedy spoof on the Sci-Fi Classic is one of those movies that someone (probably me) says that you just have to watch after you've seen all of the Original Star Wars movies.
Joshua Budich followed Mel Brooks' tradition in spoofing the Star Wars saga by spoof a limited edition print set of posters that Olly Moss made for the original trilogy. I usually don't like posting or sharing anything about posters unless they're really awesome. So, what I'm trying to say is: these posters gets that Paul Droid seal of approval (as if that means anything at all).
Above are the set that Moss created for the original movies and you can already see the similarities between the two sets of prints. One of the more clever things Budich decided to do with his posters is put the tagline: "The Schwartz Awakens" which is a nod to Brooks' version of The Force that's in Spaceballs.
One thing I really enjoy about Budich's prints is that it makes Spaceballs look a little more serious than it actually is. He managed to make a property that leans towards humor look more intense and epic. I'm not saying Spaceballs isn't epic in its own right but it's still kind of cool to see this twist on the Star Wars posters.
And isn't only fitting for the posters to be a spoof of Star Wars? I mean, I'm sure Budich could have applied this art style to any recent movie series. I mean, could you imagine what a Harry Potter or Hunger Games set would look like?
If you want to take a closer look at the prints, I posted them separately in the block below.