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It goes without saying that there are some pretty amazing Vinglers out there.

Posting awesome cards, killing it with the comments, and just being super great people. ^.^ Today, I want to highlight a few of those peeps and their cards, because they deserve lots of love!!!
So I hope you'll go check out these cards, leave a comment or a like, and show appreciation for the hard work people do to make Vingle an awesome place to be. :)
@2Distracted shared this crazypants dance video of three guys doing Beyoncé in stilettos – and it is ACTUALLY INCREDIBLE. I can't believe how good their dancing is. For your own sake, you should really check this out.
Thanks for sharing this with us @2Distracted, I hope to see many more awesome videos coming our way soon!! ^.^
One of my favorite Vinglers of all time, who you probably already know, brought these super cool same sex traffic signals to our attention. That's right – it's the inimitable, indubitable, SUPER CRAZY AMAZING @InPlainSight!!! :D He's pretty much the coolest Vingler around, so make sure to follow his collections, check out his cards, and go be his friend. You won't be sorry you did. :,)
Finally, one of seriously the BEST cards I have ready lately in Love & Relationship – it's so creative and so cool – is this one, by @hikaymm!! I know you're all about Anime and Cosplay, but GIRRRLLLL we wanna see you in L&R more often :) go give her some support, and maybe she'll share more of her awesome writing with us! :D

Thanks for reading, everyone!! And thank you to the three Vinglers featured – you guys ROCK!!! :D

@allobaber you're too kind.
YESSSSSSSSS I love this too much. I didn't even see any of these cards yet. Thanks for pointing them out!
@danidee Np girl! :D