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What is beauty? Does it have a majority census?
Does it have to include things that other people mention?
Or does it include parts that talked about in society's dimension?
What is beauty?
Beauty is imperfection. Beauty can be the things that makes us who we are.
Imperfection is inevitable. We all make mistakes. Even better...We all break
Like a vase to a concrete floor, we shatter open from time to time, Picking
Up the pieces that we can glue together, Hoping for a stronger base before
Life hits us in the face and leaves us in pieces as it goes about it's way...
Beauty is the vase that been pieced back so many times, and yet stay strong
Well its knocked down....I used to think beauty was a body image with many
Features...That was until I realize that beauty is more than a vase with no cracks
..Beauty is something we love to see everyday that makes us happy...Beauty is
What makes life so much easier...Beauty is the lady with battle scars on her heart
Vs the lady with only a external tangibility that's hedonistic for a brief period of time.
There are guys that love a lady who looks different from the societal idea of a
Women...There are some girls who loves a man that different from all the rest.
Best believe that beauty is something that we all have. We become blinded by the
Things other's want us to have that we can not see the reality of our own. The
Things that we like, the things that make us whole as a person, The mistakes
That we had made over time, The accomplishments we have grasped, The
Distortion of our own body image, All that can diminish what society definition
Of Beauty and free the doubts while boosting the confidence of our mentally.
Thank you @HCaulfield and @shannonl5. I really appreciate it guys
That is true @atmi
beauty is in the eye of beholder
Anytime @Richs14
Agreed! This is really wonderful
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