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●○•Maybe He's Born With It•○●
Have you guys seen Daesung's luscious locks of hair lately.... cuz I just gotta
Yup.. wait for it ...wait...
here it is
Daesung might be a goof ball
But his hair is flawless♡♡
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He woke up like this
2 years ago·Reply
I love Daesungs hair it's soo beautiful and I love this beautiful loser
2 years ago·Reply
maybe it's maybelline
2 years ago·Reply
sometimes I wonder why he is my bias and now all I have to do is look at this post lol he is such a dork XD
2 years ago·Reply
LMAO!!!! wait wait.wait..LMAOOOO! so hard..
2 years ago·Reply
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