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These. Are. Awesome.

Check out these super realistic food paintings by Mary Ellen Johnson – they're sooo mouthwatering. She does an amazing job capturing the textures of food.
I was stunned by her work when I found it in my internet travels, and then even moreso when I discovered – she's from my hometown in NJ! Small world. Today, she lives and works in Hartsville, SC, and focuses her work on themes of nostalgia, gratification, and comfort.
This is one of my favorite pieces by her. I think it's the most realistic of all of them. Seriously, isn't it hard to believe it's not a photograph??
This one, of course, is my other favorite, because – CINNAMON BUNNNSSSSS <3 :D
A delicious s'more so realistic you could swipe a taste of that melted chocolate. Mmmm.
She got these M&M down to a T! Even their weird imperfect roundness. :D
Ungh. I want a piece of cheesecake now.
And then finally, she's done a WHOLE lot of paintings of that American childhood favorite, PB&J. To me, these are the most amazing of the bunch – I mean, look how incredibly perfect the jelly is! It looks so... so... well, jellyish! :D
I would definitely hang this in my kitchen, if it weren't for the crazy peanut butter and jelly cravings it would give me...
What do you think of these masterpieces? Isn't this artist incredible?!
Which one do you want to eat most? :D
How... Are these fake like wtf...
@Luci546 lol right? I feel like I can taste it XD
Oh. my. gosh @.@ I'd steal that pb&j
I want a s'more sooo bad now!!😥
This is so amazing! I can't believe these are paintings, now I want cheesecake
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