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Black Butler. I immediately fell for Ciel in the first ep, he is cunning calculating and boyish at the same time, and then give him a loyal demon butler the best!
Death Note challenged peoples ideas and morals. Is it wrong to kill? in a world full of crime doesnt someone have to take a stand? Along with iys intricate and calculating plot and well thaught out characters it is great!
Eureka Seven is one of the sweetest animes I've seen. It has characters that u get connected to. Its funny heart aching and cruel even sometimes but it really shows young love and has a great adventure story. definitely one of my faves.
Full Metal Alchemist has to be one of everyones favorites. it is heart wrenching, funny, oddly realatable, and sometimes downright disturbing. its full of action and keeps u wanting more!
Inuyasha is a cute, funny and adventurous anime it is a fun watch and i love how its based in futile era Japan.
What are some of your favorites?
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I really like... Death Parade Uta no Prince Sama (or most reverse harem with music) Love Stage Gargantia on the Verdurous Planet The Devil is a Part-Timer!