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Finals suck. I think we are all in agreement that one test being a huge part of your grade is really what is wrong with our college system (well, that and the price if you live in the States).
But weather we like it or not, finals exist. And the best feeling in the world is when you are finally done with them!
SOOOOOO, here are some fantastic ways to celebrate.

1. Burn all the shit that would remind you of that class.

Haven't you ever heard that burning shit is very cathartic? Take your notes, your past tests, those horrible essays, and even your text books, (because lets be real, you will get NO MONEY back for them) and set that shit ablaze. Roast some marshmallows and watch it burn all your worries away.

2. Sleep for days, or watch TV, or pretty much anything that isn't at all productive.

You spent the last few weeks cramming, studying, working your ass off AND stressing about how much you have to work your ass off. It is time for you to take a few days to yourself, worry free, and spend it however the hell you want...guilt free of course. Because finals are over and there really isn't anything that NEEDS to be worried about just yet. Enjoy yourself.

3. Get fucked up.

This should go without say but you should be celebrating like it is the end of the world, because lets be real, those grades can really mess with your 5 year plan. So forget about that and take enough shots to forget how to even spell finals.
And if you did get any money back from selling your textbooks.....use that money to wash your stress down with some lime.

Good luck to all my college friends out there and just remember, FINALS WEEK IS ALMOST OVER!!

I'm just in middle school and my science teacher said we are having a 60 to 75 page final. But the good thing is if you have an A or B you don't have to take the final.
This applies to high school as well. I've worked all year to bring my AP Chen grade up from a 76 to a 93. Then my teacher says: "My exam is really hard, and you'll probably fail. Btw, did I mention you can't exempt becaus it's AP." Me: You *** of ***** ********** ********* ***** little piece o ********** **** (Translation: Many bad words not appropriate for high school)
My favorite part of life after finals is throwing out all the handouts and notes I don't need anymore. BYE, SUCKAS!!!
@LizArnone I honestly have no idea if it allowed and I have an A.
@JaredDaigre that is RIDICULOUS !! I hate when teachers set up tests for most of the class to fail. That isn't being a good teacher. @ErenYaeger1 is that even allowed ?! I hope you have an A or B!!