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Hey Vingle Nakama!

So, my friends who watch anime have told me about this gem of an anime that I don't see talked about much on here. That anime is called "I Can't Understand What My Husband is Saying"
It's basically a slice of life anime about a Japanese couple, where the man is a super nerdy otaku and the wife is completely oblivious about all things anime.
The anime catalogs the dynamics of their relationship, and it's the cutest thing ever.
Here's the first episode. They're all pretty short like this, and each is more adorable than the last.
I think what I like the best about this little slice of life anime is that it has something for all kinds of fans. It is relatable to both people who love anime and people who just don't get it at all.
If you ever find yourself with a romantic partner and want to have them understand how we feel about anime, this is a great crash course! You get to introduce them to anime in a way that makes them relate!

Does anyone else feel like they have a relationship like this?

Or does anyone know of anime that is good to get non-anime fans into it?

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Anything by Hayao Miyazaki is generally a good way to introduce people to anime. If they are older, choose a 12 episode show that is in a genre they might like.
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I will try this with my gf and see how it goes.
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lol, yeah I saw it and thought it was sick. eventually irl she would start to enjoy anime as well
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It's on my to watch list!
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Fairy Tail
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