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It truly is the most wonderful time of the year, ITS FINALLY UGLY CHRISTMAS SWEATER SEASON! Sweaters are amazing; add in the competition to have the ugliest, most wacky sweater out there and life is just perfect.
But forget Target, these people have made the greatest ugly sweaters out there. And I respect the hell out of them.
This is just clever! Tinsel and some ordainments that didn't make it to the real tree and turn yourself into your own tree. And when she actually raises her hands...I am crying.
Speaking of trees, this guy isn't even worried about looking cute....because he is morphing into a full on tree. I think my mom has those fake pine needles wrapped around our porch railing. Thats dedication.
When in doubt, just throw on as many colorful and shiny christmas ordainments as you can find! This look really dazzles.
The arm warmers are horrifying when they aren't raised to look like antlers but this mans commitment to looking like a reindeer is amazing.
Who ever said ugly Christmas sweaters aren't provocative!? Wear this to your next party and you wont be single for long!
And yes...there is such a thing as a couples ugly sweaters and this one takes the cake. Honestly I'm just trying to figure out which end I would rather be...
That guy's nipple.. is Rudolph's nose..
They're all horrific. But like danidee said.... that mans nip is Rudolph's nose. Give that man a Christmas bonus! xD I'm sharing this with my mom, she'll die. Her office used to do the ugly sweater thing on the holidays.
@Danse I still don't even know how to feel about the nipple. I just came back to this card and I'm still laughing and shaking my head.
These are awesome!!!
I want the rain deer one for me and my friend! For tommarow!馃槩馃槉
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