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Some of my favorite ships 馃槒
1. Natsu Lucy (Fairy tail) 2. Yato Hiyori (Noragami) 3. Kirito Asuna (Sword art online) 4. Gajeel Levy (Fairy tail) 5. Issei Rias (High school DxD) 6. Ikki Stella (Chivalry of a failed knight) 7. Tsukune Moka (Rosario+vampire) 8. Yuki Yuno (the Future Diary) 9. Kojou Himeragi (Strike the blood) No particular order
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I love 134567 since I've seen those anime's already.
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omg yaaas those couples are my fav
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what we wanted to see from that scene so badly
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of fairy tail
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