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Stop being ignorant
Don't sit there and say that EXO copied BTS. They are both amazing artist but just because there is a fight and members are disappearing in the video doesn't fucking mean that EXO copied BTS. There could be totally different stories behind the videos. ARMY I love you guy and I am one but don't bash EXO-L (I am apart of that fandom too) don't be fucking rude. It's not okay to talk trash about a group and think it's okay. Both groups have amazing talent, but don't sit there and compare Run and Sing For You. It could have been inspiration but EXO is a different group and so is BTS. Stop being ignorant and support other groups (if you decide not to then stfu and mind your own shit)
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it's so sad and they really aren't copying bts.. it gave me the feeling of how we lose the ones close to us and we continue their spirit by "singing for them".. it's close to Christmas and many get that lonesome feeling as the holidays are here but we can't spend it with those that were once so close
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@JessAS exactly!!!
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