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I remember this parody helping me get through my last collegiate finals week last year.

Be warned, though. There is some very strong language in this video!

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Or maybe you should care up until the VERY last exam...then I say you can follow the advice of this video... (EDUCATION IS IMPORTANT PEOPLE) ;)
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Hahaha I'm awful at that really. I study ing bit and pieces... @danidee no cramming for me please! @KiraHitomi LOL you are just too smart for school even. haha test were just a huge chunk of my grade bak when I was in school, so I had to do well with them
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I actually skipped some finals because my grades were already really good >.>
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@danidee hopefully, I haven't gotten my grades yet >_<
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@KiraHitomi Ughhhh, college. Well, I'm glad you're at least doing well! :D
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