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I'm soo done with Exo!!!!!!

Why must they do this to me!!!! Seriously I know I wanted to hear more of my loves sing but man I didn't expect it to kill me like this! This video was soo beautiful it broke my heart and then some! Mama Suho and Chanyeol at the end I basically died and tears were almost shed When Chanyeol sang the one part.........my jaw just disappeared from dropping soo fast! Why is he so perfect! Why are they all so perfect it's not fair! Ughh idk if I can recover from this
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@KellyOConnor me either!!! I want them to sing this but then again I don't , I don't think my heart can take this the mandarin version is even worse
@Jiyongixoxo my thoughts exactly! Oh no REALLY? I haven't listened to that one yet... now I'm afraid to.
i burst into tears but whats up with Kai?
@KaeliShearer idk lol he's just a loner with his blankey 😂