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The first two are my wig the last 3 are my real hair...
These are my bracelets I am expecting... I can't wait!!!
And now for tagging my usual peeps... @ArielaPicazo @electica @MadAndrea & @SugaOnTop
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@MadAndrea its ok at least you are in college witch means one day you'll be able to buy lots of wigs lol
@electica Right! Head up high, I keep telling myself I'll get a damn good job when this is over. Then boom, I can get a car that's not a pos truck!. actually it's a great truck; just eats gas like crazy and I hate parking it. lol
once I had a ford explorer suv ! gas killer!
@MadAndrea thats right you will!
@electica Living in Minnesota where you can end up with a foot of snow in a night it's nice to have a big ass truck but plows are pretty good so I just want a normal front wheel drive car. If i was hauling couches everyday the thing would be nice but meh. It runs and is reliable for something that 17 years old haha starts up at 20 below 0 degrees. Wow, long ass tangent about a truck. sorry that was random lol