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It was 7pm when he took the bus to go home. Like usual, he sat next to the window on the top deck of the double-decker bus. The ride to his neighborhood would last around forty minutes. He was used to spend that time staring at the buildings on the other side of the street. That always made him feel a bit relaxed and forget for a moment about his troubles. Ten minutes had passed, and all he had been gazing at were dark windows. He saw then a light coming from one approaching building. The bus got closer, and he could notice a shadow next to one window. As he got more closer, he could see clearly now an old lady staring at the street. She was actually staring at the bus, because when he was on the same level with that building, the lady was following him with her eyes. He thought for a second she was looking at him, but he found the idea a bit naive. What happened a moment later made him straighten up in his seat. The bus had stopped at a red light next to another building, and from one of the windows, he saw a middle aged man who was staring at his direction. The bus was close to the building, and he could see the man face in much detail. This time, he was certain the man was looking at him. For a long moment, the man didn't move his eyes from where he was sitting. “What are you staring at asshole?” He looked away in embarrassment. When he looked back, the man was still observing him. He felt uncomfortable now. He stood up and moved to a seat in the back of the bus. To his surprise, the man was following him with his head. The bus started moving again and then stopped after a while at another red light. He was gazing now at the street. It was dark and windy outside, and the pavements seemed deserted except for two young girls and... What he noticed now made him feel more perplexed. The two girls were standing still, just few feet away from his window... And both were staring at him with a blank expression. Something didn’t feel right at all. “What’s wrong with them?” He felt puzzled. He stopped looking outside altogether. He wanted to be home quickly now. The air felt heavy and he didn't want to stay in the bus any longer. He was prepared to get off in the next stop, when strange things started to happen. The old lady sitting in front of him turned around and started gazing at him. "Can I help you ma'am?" She ignored him and kept staring at him with empty eyes. He was about to say something, when another man sitting in the middle of the bus stood up, turned around and looked at his direction. Another man followed, then a lady, then a young man... Now, all the people in the bus were facing him and looking at him expressionlessly. He started sweating. "What's going on here? What are you looking at?" They kept still and silent. "What the fuck are you looking at?"... Suddenly, he noticed that thing. That thing that sent shivers down his spine and filled him with intense fear. Their eyes. Their eyes were the same strange color. All of them were staring at him with disturbingly bright yellow eyes. “No, no, no... This can’t be true!” He couldn't believe it. “This is a nightmare!” He stood up slowly. When no one moved, he started rushing to the bus exit, pushing everyone in his way and trying to avoid their gazes. It was only when he reached the door that he noticed the bus had stopped moving for a while. He glanced at the bus driver and found the old man staring at him too. With trembling hands, he pulled the safety lever to open the door, jumped to the street and started running. Not long after, he was already next to the building where he lived. He stopped for a moment to catch his breath. He was panting hard. He looked around him and was relieved to find no one. When he got to his flat, he went directly to the kitchen and drank two glasses of tap water, then he sat on the chair next to the table. He closed his eyes and tried to calm down. “That could not be real” He was sober. He didn't drink any drop of alcohol that day or anything that could alter his state of mind and... Suddenly he got that feeling of being watched again. He opened his eyes and quickly noticed something unusual behind the kitchen window. First, he couldn't recognise the dark little silhouette, but then it became clear to him. It was a cat. A black cat was sitting motionlessly on the window border staring at him... Without even thinking about it, he took an empty plastic bottle next to him and threw it on the window. The bottle hit the glass with a loud noise, but the cat didn't move. It just kept looking at him with shining yellow eyes. He felt like blood was draining from in his body... Then he felt two hands resting on his shoulders, and he jumped violently from his chair screaming. "Sorry honey! I didn't mean to startle you!" It was his girlfriend. She was looking at him anxiously. "What’s the matter honey? Your look too pale." He was pallid and washed out. He felt like he would collapse at any moment. "Do you see that cat?", he asked her with a trembling voice pointing to the kitchen window. "Which cat, darling?" He looked again and to his wonder, the cat was gone. He was mumbling something when his girlfriend approached him and hugged him. "You look tired, honey. Maybe you better get some sleep" He was still shivering. “Maybe she is right”, he thought. “Maybe I just need to sleep and try to forget all about this fucked up evening” He pulled himself from her arms and walked to their room. He couldn't sleep at first. So he reached up to the drawer next to him and took three sleeping pills. Few minutes later, his head started feeling heavy. As he was dozing off, he felt a soft hand over his head. "Everything will be fine", a gentle voice was whispering to him. He felt relaxed. "It could only be a nightmare", he murmured as darkness was falling around him. "just a nightmare..." It was the last thought that crossed his mind. One second after, he was in a deep and dreamless sleep. Next to him, a woman was sitting quietly, still running her long fingers through his hair. Lying on her lap, there was a cat... a black cat... with bright yellow eyes.
Awesome!! Creeped me out even in broad daylight
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