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Elmer's Glue Made Me A Nail Genius

These two nail tricks involving Elmer's School Glue might just change the way you do your nails – forever. For those of us with unsteady hands or a penchant for glitter, these are pure godsends.
I was astounded when I found them – why did no one ever tell me to do this before?!?
The first trick – remove glitter polish easily (because we all know what a hard time that usually is) by first painting your nail with a little Elmer's glue. When you're ready to remove, the glitter peels right off!
And secondly, use a small paintbrush to cover your cuticles in Elmer's glue so that when you're done painting your nails, you can just peel the mess right off!
I'm a total klutz with nail polish, so I'm definitely giving this one a try. :)
Try to do a little less glue than the lady did in the picture – stick to the skin parts around your nail, like in the top photo.

Good luck, ladies! :) Tell me if these tricks work for you!!

Okay putting Elmers around your fingers works! I've done it three times and it's working all three! I don't know about outing it on the nails though, there's actually a polish you can buy like that. I don't know if that would comfort some people but it comforted me.
you gotta be careful if you use it on the nail, cuz you might end up lifting off the polish. tho I just put like a clear under that spot and stick it back down. ≧∇≦
Same! Ive always wanted to do lots of designs but my nails are so shaky I chicken out.
I just always make such a mess bc I have shaky hands >.<
That's awesome to hear @SavannahStarlit, I can't wait to give it a try!! :D I think it'd be perfect for the sponge painting nail technique shown in the first pic.
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