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Otabe is Kyoto dialect which means "please have some". The standard phrase is "Tabete kudasai" :D This is Kyoto's famous snacks, like soft sweet dumplin wrapped around red bean paste. You have no idea how soft it is. It melts when you put it in your mouth. The sweetness was well balanced. The bottom of the box has those letters so they were imprinted on the snacks
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love the color!!
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@Tapsamai haha if you come here while I'm still here I will take you around :P
5 years ago·Reply looks like wonton the dough kind of look like mochi?? thats what it looks like to me but i guess not b/c mochi are chewy...
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itadai kimasu
4 years ago·Reply
Yum I wish I had some of this stuff when I visited~
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