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When I was a kid, and the other little kids (as little kids do) asked about what I wanted to be when I grew up, or if I wanted a fancy car
My answer to all of these questions was simple: When I grow up I want to be a pilot and fly my very own airplane car. Well, 16 came and still no flying car, but things are looking promising in my future...

Because Flying Cars will hit the skies starting in 2017

Wonder What a Flying Car would looks like?

Well there are two models coming out soon.
1. Icon Aircraft, created a consumer plane called the A5. It's white and pretty and goes really smoothly on water too.
2. AeroMobil, a European company built the 3.0 prototype in Hangar 7, another "air-car" that (to me) looks like little bit like a cool dragonfly.
Well here it is people, the cars of the future! Commuting to work just got a whole more fun.
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@MichaelLopez that's a lot less than I would have guessed! I'd rather wait through multiple rounds of retesting than get something that isn't truly ready yet. @nicolejb Yeah, I think it will take a little while. Still, it's kind of mindblowing, isn't it? I want one, too! I just want it to be safe! I'm amazed by it all.
2 years ago·Reply
I was able to sit in a private airplane once and it was so cool. personal planes like that make me really want one of these car types @ButterflyBlu. it would be so easy to travel!!
2 years ago·Reply
@nicolejb I would pay top dollar for something - ANY thing - that would drive itself. It would be a dream for a narcoleptic! I know it's not something that people think about on a regular basis, but man, would it change MY life!
2 years ago·Reply
Tag it to meeeee
2 years ago·Reply
You got it dude! @InPlainSight :D
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