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Finally doing the Monsta X Challenge
To choose one bias is very hard for especially for this group since I have 5! I guess my cousin was right by calling me a KPop wh0re since I can never choose one. So let me tell/show y'all about my 5 biases. FYI they are not in any particular order.


Let me tell y'all he is the cutest, funniest and a dork in this group. He is also very sweet and he looks very lovable and huggable. Minhyuk is the vitamin, the energizer bunny of this group! So how wouldn't like this blondie boy?


He is a very shy guy but that still gets to me. Also he likes to work out. Shownu is one of best leaders that I like so far. He looks very manly but I also believe he has his cute side like the last picture I put of him.


Where do I start with him?!? Well I love this guy right here in his normal self or when he does his kukkukakka. Like who doesn't like/love him when he does aegyo. He kills me everytime when he does it!! He may look very though and all but on the inside he is the sweetest and I've also heard that he is very loveable. Another thing that kills me from him are his DIMPLES!!!! >.<


My cute dimple orange hair boy!! Gosh what can I say about my gwiyomi Kihyun?!?! Even though he doesn't like to do the gwiyomi he still does it and he looks very cute doing it!!! At first in No Mercy he looked very quiet to me and then when I.M came he look mean to him ( I know he and everyone else was like that towards him because they just put him in towards the end) but in the end he is a sweetheart!!! I love love love his voice so much!!!


Last but not least the maknae of the group I.M!!! Even though he came towards the end of No Mercy he still took my heart along with the other 4 members that I just wrote about. After all the hard time the guys put him through in the end they still loved this cutie pie. I was surprised to hear that the voice of a very deep rapper was this cuties voice. He sounds older that he is (which is a bad thing since I'm older than him well also from the rest of the guys T.T) Gosh when he talks English he melts my heart really fast especially in the song Flower Café that he sings with Jooheon and Sam Ock. If y'all haven't seen it y'all should check it out.
Even though I chose 5 guys out of 7 I like them all!!!
Love this!!!! Kihyun is like what are they doing??? lol
If y'all haven't done the Monsta X challenge y'all should do it I had a really good time doing this one (which is my first challeng).
Now that I told/showed y'all my biases y'all can tell me yours. =)
It took me a pretty long time to do this card! 😆
Man! I never finished it Gaaaah!!!