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Exo-Sing For You
WHALE then....did not expected seeing random scenes of Sehun just casually chilling in space with a whale. XD But I honestly loved it! I don't know why, it was just so random.
Here's the video if you guys haven't seen it. The song was beautiful and their voices just killed me. Especially when I heard Chanyeol sing ❤ It was also nice hearing more of Sehun's and Suho's voice. I can't wait to hear their album ♡
I also remember reading something about how it all represented the three members that left. Kris as the galaxy and space, Luhan and basketball, and Tao and the fight scene. It broke my heart a little hearing that theory.
What did you guys think of the video? Did you find the space scene with Sehun amusing as much as me?XD
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