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Hi Foodie Vinglers!!

Today I thought of a fun challenge for us – making faces out of food!

How many times have you done this as a kid? Squirted ketchup on your burger in a smiley face, nudged your peas and carrots into a grin, or just randomly realized – hey! My eggs and bacon are smiling at me!
So here's how to do it :)

Step one – Eat! ("Oh, I already do that all the time!" you're probably thinking)

Step two – Make/Find a face (happy, sad, surprised, any emotion you wish!) in your dish!

Step three – Snap a pic with your phone!

Step four – Make a card and publish to the Food Community! :D

Feel free to tag me in your card, and include FOOD FACES in the title! :) And you can make as many as you want – so stun all of us with your food creativity!!! :D
Here are some examples to inspire you :D
So as you see, you can do anything from find a little smile in your cereal bowl, to elaborately recreate Blake Lively's face with bread. The choice is yours.
I'll post mine soon!! Have fun everybody!!
I know what I'm doing next time I go to eat.
The pepper looks attractive! Lol
Hahaha thanks @danidee!! I have to make mine today ^.^