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I'm pretty sure that "Feedback will be disregarded." is the meaning to like 98% of the things said in most offices, but I'm glad they were able to shout-out the "Let's agree to disagree." guy. He's always the worst.
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and asking for feedback. yes yes.
@melifluosmelodi That's true. I only ever really ask for feedback when I'd genuinely like some!
Hahaha. Too real! I so hate when people tell me to "put a pin in that idea for now"... >:(
@AlloBaber I hate 'office polite' ways of shutting people up. They're so passive-aggressive lol.
I am the agree to disagree person, but it's because I just don't feel the urge to sit there and argue over some piddly little thing g or 40 minutes. in reality, on my deathbed, the last thing I'm going to be worried about or regretting is which color of paperclips should be used on credits or debits and if they should be clipped top left or center left. just sayin