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So I decided (with the help of some vinglers) that I am going to make the whole story. I will split it into parts so here is part 1.
First to find out who your lover is pick an animal :)
You got it now I am trusting you to keep who you got :) If you picked the Kitten you got Suga (Min Yoongi) If you picked the Fox you got Chanyeol If you picked the Puppy you got JongUp Okay now you have your lover for part 1 so just fill in the blanks ( A ) with who you got. In later parts there will be more people to fill in so I'm labeling them A,B, C, etc. so you (or me) won't get confused. This is my first fan fiction so please leave any comments that may help me or let me know if you like it or not. Thanks! And sorry for it being so long. I will begin now:
You're siting in the window with earbuds in listening to your favorite playlist when someone comes up behind you and covers your eyes. “Guess who?” a sweet voice asks. “Hmm... who could it be?” you say playing dumb. He turns you around and pulls you into a hug. “Do you know who it is now?” (A) smiles. “Of course, why wouldn't I know (A) “ “Whatcha listening to?” A tries grabbing your iPod, but you pull it away. “Nothing!” You start to blush, and put it in your bag. “Please I want to hear to.” (A) pouts , “What are you listening to my music or something?” “No! Maybe...? Yes.” You begin to turn away embarrassed. “Why be embarrassed, you are my girlfriend, at least you support me and my music.” (A) smiles and you nod. “Come on I have somewhere I want to take you.” He grabs your wrist and pulls you along. “Where are we going?” you ask confused. “It's a surprise!” you roll your eyes and follow. Typical (A )always planning something. He takes you to a black van and you get in. (A) gets in and hands you a blind fold “You have to put this on” You look at him crazy but put it on knowing he won't give up until you do. After about ten minutes you hear the van shut off and soon you are being pulled out and guided through what you think is an alley. But how would you know you can't see anything. You hear a door open then shut behind you. “ Can I take this off yet?” you ask as you try to lift it slightly to see where you are but (A )swats your hand away. “Not yet you'll ruin the surprise!” You sigh and put your hand down. “Okay we are here.” He takes off your blindfold. It takes a minute for your eyes to adjust to the dimly lit room. You realize you are on a stage (not a very big one), there is a round table with a vase of flowers and a card next to it. You look at (A) with wide eyes “You did all of this?” He shrugged “ Well I had some help from the guys but I did most of it. Oh wait there is one more surprise.” He runs behind the large velvet curtain. A minute later a large spotlight shines on the far end of the room revealing a giant banner : HAPPY 3 YEAR ANNIVERSARY ! With a bunch of hearts drawn on it. He comes back around with a huge smile on his face. “Surprise!” you stand there shocked. “Hello, earth to Y/N ! Do you like it? Oh please tell me you like it! You don't like it do you? I did too much? Or not enough? I should have done the othe-” you shut him up with a kiss. “Calm down, I love it!” You say as you hug him. He sighs in relief and hands you the card. “This is from the guys they wanted to say happy anniversary so they all signed the card.” “How sweet of them.” you smile “I can't believe you remembered this place.” “How could I forget the place where we first met! I still remember when I glanced at you in the back of the room while I was doing my solo. You looked confused and lost. You ran out and after the song we took a break and I went looking for you.” “I was so lost that day I had just moved here and didn't have a clue where I was.” “But I helped you find the right place and then after that we kept running into each other everywhere. I think you were stalking me” (A) joked. “Was not! You were stalking me!” “Well look where we are now, obviously it worked.” He laughed.
I thought it was amazing!!!! And even better I got my love!!! How perfect I seriously and honestly looked through the animal pictures first and of course had to pick the fox because those are like the cutest things ever and Those ears😻😻 so when I saw that those cute ears led me to my Channie bear it made me happy haha
@Jiyongixoxo I'm glad you got someone you liked and thank you hopefully I can make it even better
@destiny1419 I chose cat (my favorite animal) and was surprised with my BTS bias wrecker Suga... Thanks can't wait for more...
I picked the fennecan fox cuz its like my puppy
OMG I LOVE IT!! So good, are you sure this is your first fic? LOL I got suga bear YoonGi. *one thing if you could put the A, B, C etc. in (___) to make it a little easier to tell where you want his name to be that'd be great!
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