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What is 뱁새 (Crow-Tit) about?

I don't know if it's the writer in me or what, but one of the most important reasons I love BTS is because their lyrics usually have some meaning that blows my mind. I've been lurking hoping someone else would make a card/collection about their lyrics (in this case Crow-tit) but figured I'd take the initiative and put it out there. Anyway, today I finally found the time (between bouts of YouTube marathons and listening to BTS on repeat) to look up the English translation of this song. Now, I don't know about y'all but I was confused about what they were getting at because there was some cultural barrier/reference that I couldn't understand. I found out what it all means and I just had to sit back and think how freaking talented they are lyrically and the level of word play they have! Awesome! What do you guys think? Up for some deep conversation dissecting lyrics or what?
To be honest I think thats what made kpop so appealing for me. Everyone no a days sing about sex. weed. or money. Theres no soul. Kpop brings the soul with highly entertaining characters.
This is my favorite song on the album, I just haven't looked the lyrics up yet.
@kpopisnylife I was thrown off about the references to storks so I assumed it was talking about the older generation since there's the myth of storks bringing babies. From my "extensive" research I found out a crow tit is a reference to people that are thought to copy other people which explains why some translations say "try- hard" and not "crow tit".
I'll post up the lyric video on here then
@CreeTheOtaku Think so My SoundCloud has it as Silver Spoon
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