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The moment when you go on an "accidental" shopping spree for BTS items... Smh.. Spent well over $70
I think i have a problem guys!!! BTS!!!! What have you done to me!??!
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@BAbrajan1 Yassss!!
2 years ago·Reply
@SunnaWalo i feel you.. If only I didn't have bills to pay.. Or else my every paycheck would go into BTS merchandise
2 years ago·Reply
@nerdy3000 and i STILL have more BTS items on my shopping cart 😱
2 years ago·Reply
😂 I accidentally go on Kpop shopping sprees all the time this week I spent 200 alone on GD and YG Merch (because who needs a 90 page picture book of GD am I right😂) from the new site and Amazon and last month I spent over 100 on Bts so yeah......I need help
2 years ago·Reply
@Jiyongixoxo we need some type of help.. K-pop will leave us poor 😩😱
2 years ago·Reply