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*sigh……. * Karen…. Karen… Karen…. Is there a cosplayer who is as dreamy as her? Her cute little smile, those big ol eyes…. and them pouty lips.
Uff….. she is just so beautiful. Can she be my waifu already?
Karen Gallegos is Bae…. if I ever saw her in real life I would propose to her right then and there lmao .
Y u so adorable? Y u so cute AF!?! lol I'm on one I need to calm down.
LOL I can see that you have a big ol' crush on her, don't you? :P She is cute, though!
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I love the black widow one!
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she is stunning!
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@hikaymm… is it that obvious? lol Its pretty much a borderline obsession haha. @vinmcarthy yes… yes she is…. and she will be all mine one day 😁😊😊😊😊
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