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Baseball season might be over, but players are already getting ready for the 2016 season.

It all started with the 2015 National League MVP, Bryce Harper.

Harper posted this short video of him successfully performing a 55-inch box jump.
(NOTE: His spandex game is so strong right now)

Then, Steven Souza Jr. of the Tampa Bay Rays posted this tweet, taking on Bryce Harper's 55-inch box jump.

And he responded with this.

A 58-inch box jump!

But they weren't just quite done yet.

Brett Lawrie of the Oakland A's performed a 64-inch box jump!

Are we going to start seeing more of this next season?

Personally, the next player that I want to see take on the "Box Jump Challenge" is...

Mike Trout!

So Mike, if you end up seeing this post, take on this challenge and beat Lawrie's 64-inch box jump!

Which player do my baseball fans want to see next? And who says baseball players aren't fit?

You guys are great hahaha
@InPlainSight if it is possible lol
@GinnaL13 I would pay to see it
@mchlyang that's true but if I can really do it that would be awesome! lol :)
@GinnaL13 Hahahahahahha it's all good. That is why we are not professional baseball players!
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