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Korean words for Food/Meals (featuring Molang)

Meal 아침(식사) (Ah-chim sik-sa) Breakfast 점심(식사) (Jum-shim sik-sa) Lunch 저녁 (식사)(Juh-nyuk sik-sa) Dinner Food: 김치  kimchi 밥 (bap) can mean rice,meal or food 식사 (sik-sa) meal 반찬 (ban-chan) side dish ☆Table manner matters a lot as it is one of the main korean traditions. Before and after meals you would say: Before eating you say: 잘먹겠습니다. (jal-meok-kket-sseum-ni-da.) Which is like bon appetit After you're done eating 잘먹었습니다. (jal-meo-geot-sseum-ni-da.) Meaning, "I ate well." Or even more polite by adding in the word thankyou.... 잘 먹었습니다, 감사합니다. (jal meo-geot-sseum-ni-da, gam-sa-ham-ni-da.) I'm satisfied, thank you. ☆Compliment the food by saying: 식사를 잘 먹었다. (sik-ssa-reul jal meo-geot-tta.) I enjoyed my meal. 식사를 아주 맛있게 먹었습니다. (sik-ssa-reul a-ju ma-sit-kke meo-geot-sseum-ni-da.) I enjoyed the meal/food very much. 아주 맛있었어요. (a-ju ma-si-sseo-sseo-yo.) It was delicious. SO Molang asks you: 같이 먹으러 가실래요? Do you want to eat with us? Would you join? xD
So cute
Yes I do Molang ! But kpopandkimchi already corrected it for me . Thank you both of you.
감사 힙니다 친고 like that huh !
@aliahwhbmida 친ㅇ규 --> 친구 :D
With the politeness given , the breakfast, lunch and dinner sound so delicious . 감사합니다 친ㅇ규. Is it correct?
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