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I've been on vingle for about a month now and have seen all different kinds of post but I've been wondering why no one has mentioned log horizon. I myself thought it was a pretty popular anime and a great series. what are you guys thoughts ?
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Epic anime. Definitely in my top 2 game based anime.
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I love it! the story is genius! its the type that surprises you at every turn.
2 years ago·Reply
I talk about this frequently and always recommend it to fellow Vingle goers. It's an amazing show that needs more than two seasons.
2 years ago·Reply
I liked it, in fact it was one my favorite series I've seen in a while, but I felt that the second series didn't quite live up to the first. The second series was produced by a different studio than the first and, at least to me, the quality went down....
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Series 1 and 2 were in fact made by different studios and both of them have been in talks for a 3rd one since it was so popular but there has not been anything officially stated about it yet.
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