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This does have some clips that are funny with all BTS memebers. But this card is mostly highlighting Jimin's sexiness.

This card is not for children!

I hope you enjoy....

How I'm feeling just after watching one clip! Jimin where are you?! Lol

Yass, Jimin can be hubby and father of our children!

I guess you can get pregnant by just watching these clips! ONLY IF UR ME LOL.


Is it bad I've already seen all of these? I'm so thirsty for Jimin lol
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damn boy
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@SunnaWalo no I've seen these a million times. I never get tired of them. @SugaOnTop ikr! lol
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@amobigbang I have to give myself a break because I feel myself hitting that point where I'm just total Jimin trash and can't function in society lol
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馃槀馃槀馃槀 I don't think anyone can @amobigbang
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