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How exciting! @DeniseiaGardner created yet another game where this time you create your own game!
This is my first time making these type of games, so please bear with me (/_\)
Update 12/10/15: Part 1&2 Results

Part 1

Lets say that you've been crushing on a guy for ages. You've been dying for the moment that he confesses to you.
Now, pick out of these 3 dogs and later I'll reveal who your crush is, gaaah!~ Nerve-wrecking, eh?

Dog 1

Dog 2

Dog 3

Part 2

So you've been crushing on this guy for a while, but where did y'all meet and how?
At the park feeding pigeons? At the movies paying for your ticket? At school during recess?
Choose between these 2 forest settings and later I'll reveal where and how y'all met.

Forest Setting 1

Forest Setting 2

Good Luck guys and choose wisely!!

dog1 forest 2
dog 1 forest 2
dog 2 forest 1
Dog #3 and Forest setting#1
1 and 1
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