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Essential Anime: Most OP character
Eucliwood Hellscythe from "Is this a Zombie?" Demon royalty, a necromancer, her overflowing power causes evil and chaos to occur on massive scales despite having her power sealed by magic armor. Her voice instantly kills anyone and anything in earshot and she is immune to death magic. Can kill anyone and is totally kawaii....
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that would suck if she fell in love, the person would have to be immune to death magic, or be deaf themselves, for her to be able to confess her love, or she could just use her sketchbook/notepad Lol 😄
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@KaylasKitty watch the show. She does fall in love. She's adorable. And yes she primarily uses the notepad
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@KaylasKitty it really is worth a watch. it's a light funny anime.
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