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Alright, so we all have that one bias we love more than everyone, and then that one wrecker that tries their hardest to ruin it, as well as a long list of other biases, but this card is to question if you would really want your UB to be the one to see you. So here's the big question: If you suddenly came down with a deadly disease, and were only going to be alive for another month, which person out of your many many biases would you want to come see you and spend time with you-- and why? You can honestly have anyone at all, because the disease you have gets many foundations to grant your wish of meeting and befriending whomever you choose. Only one though, so.. Choose wisely~ @Emealia @ChelseaJay @jamiesparking
@Beccachu lol this is DARK! Not to bring down the mood. but, when I have to go through any post cancer treatment , I listen to EXO when I have blood work done or anything scary or stressful. Kyungsoo's voice is very calming to me. I still do that when I am stressed. His voice is like magic lol So definitely him so he could sing to me. So cheesy right. and if I can be greedy, have him bring Chanyeol to make me laugh. the 2 of them together is hilarious!
I would still want my UB Taeyang to come see me cause this man is a overs his fans and is a freaking sweetheart in general. I mean if I'm gonna die why can I get the sun to shine on me at least once? 😎 You see what I did right there 😂
j-hope. no doubt. he is a ray of sunshine, i watch videos of him constantly especially when I'm feeling down his smile, his laugh, his voice, his all makes me happy just seeing him sitting quietly on a variety show makes me happy. because we all know he won't stay quiet for long ^_^. So J-hope would be my hope for my disease to lessen.
BTS Jin? ... Suga? ... Rap Mon? ... J-Hope..? V? Jimin? Jungkook? IT'S TOO DANGGG HARDDDDD. 😭
Honestly I would still choose my UB Kim Jonghyun (SHINee). I just feel like he would say all the right things to cheer me up and do the best he could to make sure I was happy for the rest of whatever.
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