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I love, love, LOVE watching groups do other groups' dances, and this was pretty much the best one I've found yet. I mean, I've been falling for TWICE pretty quickly, and they CLEARLY LIKE VIXX AS MUCH AS I DO, so I think we can easily be best friends.

Just look at them do Chained Up!!!

They're so into it i's killing me, and they CLEARLY practiced doing Hakyeon's perfect hair flip. I mean come on, that's too perfect. Watch out @kpopandkimchi.

They also did a bunch of other group's dances on the V-app recently; did they cover any of your favorites?

I see 17, Got 7, Red Velvet....they've got em all!
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@kpopandkimchi I KNOWWWW. If i was on a show and this happened I"m 10000% sure I'd react the same way lol....i'd probably be tooooo into it hahaha
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[Rushes into the room quickly.] I heard Chained Up and Starlights! I have arrived!
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😅I'm so late BUT i think it's extremely adorable that twice likes and actually do dance covers of some of my bae groups 😍
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