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In November, Chloe Moretz announced that she was signing on for a live-action remake of The Little Mermaid.
Moretz is known for playing more dark roles, so this was a welcomed surprise by many fans across the globe. Today, news has broke that has a couple fans on the edge of their seat:
1-Disney won't be involved in the re-make.
2-Moretz won't have red-hair in the re-make. She will be a blonde.
Moretz sat down with Entertainment Tonight to talk about how her Ariel will be a “modern revisionist tale” as well as “progressive for young woman."
Naturally Twitter is on fire after this announcement from Moretz. Where do you stand on the subject? Is it a big deal that Chloe won't dye her hair for this new role?
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@JemGambale I guess so, but a real life version of "the little mermaid" will be hard to recreate since she lives under water and she has a fish as a friend. I just hope it isn't low budget looking. 😯😕 I hope the prince is gorgeous! 😁
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Interesting thought @ClaireRedfield but then we have to remember the the Little Mermaid legend has been around for a while too! so maybe it's more in that style?!
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By why not let Disney get involved? I feel like it'd make more money with a Disney label on it. Maybe they felt like they'd be more restricted on what they could do in the movie. They want it to be different, I guess. BTW, is TLM a Hans Christian Anderson story? That would explain why she's staying blonde.
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Idk if I'll like this whole blonde Ariel thing. I know there was a version where Ariel had black hair such as Disney's attempt at adapting The Little Mermaid in 1941. I just think that red is sort of charming and captivating. It makes her character a bit more intriguing and engaging. And I love Chloe Moretz for the role, don't get me wrong. It's just that when you think Ariel, you think of this vibrant fierce character. It's kind of like the red matches her personality. It made her stand out. However, I am still open to the change. Especially since it's not the Disney (1989) version. Disney's 1941 version was a lot darker and closer to the original story, btw. They even kept the part of cutting out her tongue. So I do wonder what they'll have in store for this film if they decided to do something similar.
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I feel the same way too @IMNII and red hair is kinda associated with vibrant personality and excitement (though I guess blondes are too...) for me it's a representation thing. the Little Mermaid was the ONE redhead of the princesses, and being a redhead myself it was great to have someone that had my hair color, that I would identify with!
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