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In November, Chloe Moretz announced that she was signing on for a live-action remake of The Little Mermaid.
Moretz is known for playing more dark roles, so this was a welcomed surprise by many fans across the globe. Today, news has broke that has a couple fans on the edge of their seat:
1-Disney won't be involved in the re-make.
2-Moretz won't have red-hair in the re-make. She will be a blonde.
Moretz sat down with Entertainment Tonight to talk about how her Ariel will be a “modern revisionist tale” as well as “progressive for young woman."
Naturally Twitter is on fire after this announcement from Moretz. Where do you stand on the subject? Is it a big deal that Chloe won't dye her hair for this new role?
@NickMcCormick I grew up with the red hair, too, so I understand when people think it won't be quite the same, I'm just against saying that the fact that her hair won't be red will ruin the movie.
@JenGambale makes sense but everybody fre6e up with ariels red hair, even I as a 90s baby grew up with her red hair, it just wouldn't be the same I guess.
Are you for real?!! she better put on a wigg or somethin on...!!! sheshouldnt be blonde it will ruin the movie period. not even worth watching if that happens.
I'm all for modernity I guess but I have a feeling this is gonna be like the newest fantastic four movie,it's gonna be crap if it's original source has nothing to do with it
it would be different, but I would want disney to be involved and why not red? or at least a brunette color?
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