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Monsta X Study Guide
I've noticed that a lot of people are interested in knowing Monsta X's member names lately in many social media networks. So, I've decided to make this card to show off these wonderful boys and help you guys out! As a Monbebe I feel responsible for letting you all know of these amazing boys since they are my number 1 favorite group. I hope this card will be helpful and feel free to clip or like this card and use it as a refrence to look back if you need it. Also, If you're a new Monbebe, Welcome to this amazing fandom!! You won't regret any minute of it! Finally, thank you to all those V.I.Ps that have been supporting Monsta X. In behalf of Monsta X I thank you so much for the support I know they greatly appreciate it! ♡


DOB: June 18, 1992 •Leader Vocal •Was under JYP entertainment and was suppose to be one of the members from Got7 •Called Robot Shownu because he is motionless, hard to speak, and awkwardly cute •Medalist Swimmer in Elementry School •Got inspired by Rain to become an idol •Killer Dance Moves •Used to be a back-up dancer


DOB: March 1, 1993 •Vocal •2nd visual •In charge of sexiness in the group •Likes to work out •Interested in composing •A bit sensitive •Really love to do fan service.


DOB: November 3, 1993 •Vocal •3rd visual •Sunshine in the group (always smiling) •Cannot stop talking..really noisy •Has husky voice •Likes being the MC


DOB: November 22, 1993 •Main vocal •Honey voice •Considered shortest in the group. •Called 'omma' of the group cause he is the one responsible to cook, clean the house and in •Charge of waking them up in the dorm •Cute eye smile •Bias wrecker


DOB: January 15, 1994 •Vocal •Main visual •The tallest in the group •Has really witty personality (fight a lot with Kihyun) •Model record •Likes to sleep •Can be a big dork


DOB: October 6, 1994 •Main Rapper •A lot of aegyo (kkukukaka) •Skwints his eyes a lot •Cute Dimples •Talented composer •Was in SMTM4 •Known for his line in Tresspass ("Excuse My Carisma")


DOB: January 26, 1996 •Rapper •Deep voice •4D personality •Evil magnae •Hates doing aegyo but is actually good at it •Lived in Boston for 3 years so knows a good amount of English •Good at British Accent (Can you give me some water?) •Known for his line ("I.M what I am") •Bias wrecker too.

Thank you guys for viewing this card and I hope you too some day will become Monbebes!

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I am so glad to see so many people into Monsta X! I fell in love with them during No.Mercy. C: @AnnahiZaragoza I don't know if I said this, but this is a fantastic card dear! C:
2 years ago·Reply
I'm glad too @AimeeH !! Honestly I just made this card to help others since I saw a lot of people asking others but I didn't think it was going to get viewed this much! I'm proud of Monsta X and all Monbebes ♡ I'm happy of our Fandom also because honestly we're pretty chill and I hope it's stays like that :) Thank you!
2 years ago·Reply
@BriannaN here is a start
2 years ago·Reply
@CrystalGuerra thanks so much this will be vital!
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