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Ok so where do I begin...... I feel like the director was high or something. I mean it was sad and sweet but what the hell???? Sehun, an astronaut? Sehun and the WHALE? Chanyeol and Suho fighting? Kai moody as hell? Members disappearing? Honestly I dont understand the MV. Either its an onion with layers or just plain weird.
God their so much angst in this MV. Chanyeol and Suho fighting nearly had me in tears.

What is this???

Are you kidding me!!! We all thought that we would get the explanation for the whale in outer space but nooooo they just messed our heads up more.
All jokes aside the song was perfect for the season with the acoustic guitar sound, you just want to huddle up with a cup of hot chocolate XD
I had to add this! We all know that D.O. is in that car and Kai is running towards it! Sorry the Kaisoo shipper in me couldn't hold it back. Anyway I've linked the video below so check it out and tell me what you guys think.
It's from a story about a whale that visits space and stays for a while, where he meets a spaceman that befriends him. Eventually the whale starts to feel out of place and misses home, so he returns to the sea. The storyline is much simpler than some of Exo's other more convoluted plots; the whale represents Luhan, Tao, and Kris, the lonely spaceman is the remaining Exo members. I have a feeling the spaceman is Sehun because he can be considered loneliest of all; two of the members he was closest to (Luhan and Tao) left.
To be honest I was a little bored through the whole thing but their voices are sooooo soothing!
The whale represents isolation. In the MV it showed us the members being isolated from one anothet. If you look up 52 hertz whale, it'll tell you what it is. But to save you time, I'll explain. Basically there's an unidentified species of whale that's call is a higher frequency than other whales, making the whales cries unhearable. People have dubbed this whale as "the loneliest creature in the world". Whalien 52 from BTS also referred to this. WHAT IS UP WITH WHALES LONELINESS THESE DAYS.
I think Chanyeol and Suho's fight is based off Exo's actual friendship. Even though they fight they still manage to make up. Kai's dancing and mimicing of their fight shows that all the members feel it when they argue. But in the end he/they just want to work it out because they do love each other. that scene to me is my favorite and most touching.
its based on an actual story tho it makes sense its about their friendship
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