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Marriage usually isn't the first thing on a guys mind.

Let's face it. Most guys aren't looking for marriage before a certain age and those are just straight forward facts -- but, what we do know is that the thought crosses their mind ever so often. Every guy knows what he looks for in a woman and a wife, no matter how nonchalant he may seem according to the specific topic.
We all know what we like, no matter how much we deny it. If you're curious about what most men look for in a wife, well your wishes have been granted. Keep scrolling if you dare and get inside the head of the man.

Someone who will support him and all his endeavors.

Whether you agree with his decisions or not, every guy wants that one person who will be down to ride regardless of the circumstances. 'For richer or for poor', remember?

Someone who accepts him flaws and all.

Nobodies perfect. Understand that. You are both a work in progress.

Someone worth fighting for.

It won't always be easy, but it will be worth it. Communication is key. If you feel a certain way, speak up. He will appreciate that more than you know. Marriage is not a one way street.

Someone who matches his fly.

Looks aren't everything, we get it. But who wouldn't want a trophy and someone who can make the sun shine on the gloomiest of days?

Someone worth growing with.

Growing old with someone is one of the most beautiful journey's two people can ever go on. 'Till' death do us part'. It sounds pretty extensive, but if you're down to ride -- they will be too.

Buckle up and enjoy the ride.

Men don't ask for too much. The feelings are mutual.
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Yes! There r so many small ways that mean so much either way. I know that for me to finally after a long 24 yr marriage,how things changed for the worse it seemed no more after,"I Do," no matter what I tried. But,with that being said, the imagination can only go to tell the rest.! But,with thinking to myself I will never marry or even be happy,Well.....MY Mother told me I would....AND I AM SOOOOO HAPPY! MY PRINCE FOUND ME! I only wished @ 48 it would of been yrs before,but my children came first and I do believe,That both our Moms,standing in Heaven guided us together. We fit from day 1. I could go on...but,I won't 馃槉 JUST KNOW WHO READS THIS.... REAL DREAMS COME TRUE NO MATTER YOUR AGE! @jordanhamilton
Thank you so much for the reassurance and the beautiful story! I also believe that dreams do indeed come true. I am happy that you found true love and happiness @Acetaker
Your Soul-mate is out there! 馃槉 Love Yourself and it will bring everything together,and NEVER STOP brings really bad frown marks! @jordanhamilton
Haha thank you so much!!! I will keep that in mind 馃