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Howdy friends! I actually made this card two weeks ago but it wasn't publishing on my phone. If you can read this it's finally working! So, first of all I notice a lot of friends here are taking finals. I hope it went well. For those of you who finished finals...It's time to catch up on those dramas. That's how I would kill stress from a tough week. The reason: 1. Dramas are stressful but it's not as stressful as real life. You'll be thankful you're not living the life of the leading character. 2. Dramas are fun, emotional and silly but you can count on it to give you a good laugh or drain out all your stress (by sobbing). Whenever you're ready, here's a guide to help you survive this weekend's episode(s) of k-drama.

Step 1: Have a box of tissue handy.

For moments like this...

Step 2: Stock up on these suckers.

For moments like this...

Good Luck!

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I totally cracked up at the finger snacks hahahaha I'm a strict cereal and drama watcher hahah honey nut cheerios + my fav drama = HEAVEN