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We can only imagine.

When we think about our wedding day, one of the first thoughts that come to mind is probably will our spouse to be cry. It's natural for men to shed a tear. This man took shedding a tear to a whole other level and it's absolutely beautiful.
I mean who wouldn't want their husband to react this way when they walk down the aisle? If you're ready to shed some tears of your own, keep scrolling to check out the video below and see this groom shed tears in awe of his wife's beauty as she walks down the aisle.

Talk about serious wedding feels.

Care for some tissues?
My future husband better start crying too, or I am going to be upset hahahaa.
Ugh! I just saw that. It was working earlier today. Guess I have to go in and switch a few things up. Thanks @marshalledgar
Oops! Youtube Vid is out of service. womp womp... @jordanhamilton
it's extremely beautiful @marshalledgar
I've seen so many grooms cry!!!!!
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