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Hello, fellow Rick & Mortians! It is time for yet another 'Rick & Morty' themed card!

First off, a quick shout-out to @kbecker and @najalong1998, our two newest members! Welcome to where Vingle keeps its weirdos, you guys.
Secondly, this time I'd like to do some more show-themed discussion. If this one resonates with you, feel free to sound off below:

In the two seasons of 'Rick & Morty', the duo visit a number of different planets and dimensions, all with their very own cultures and quirks much different than that of Earth Dimension C-137.

There's Greasy Grandma World, for example.

And then there's the one where the sun won't stop screaming.

And let us not forget when Summer led Rick on that trip to the female-ruled Gazorpazorp.

Today's discussion question is:

Out of all the dimensions and planets they've visited in the past two seasons, which one would you want to live on?

This technically isn't a dimension OR a world, but I would want to live in Scary Terry's world of Freddy Krueger-style serial killers. I just think it's funny that they go to school to learn how to scare people, have long knives for fingers, and end every single sentence with 'bitch'.
I mean, despite the fact they all had pink and disfigured faces, that world was pretty cool, wasn't it?

Anyway, let me know your answer below! And feel free to talk to each other, you guys. I mean, we're a family here. A society of kickass peeps.

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I would love to live in the universe where people are chairs and chairs are people, seems like a easier life
2 years ago·Reply
@ClaireRedfield But you'd get sat on all day!
2 years ago·Reply
@danidee its a great career choice
2 years ago·Reply
@ClaireRedfield Yes, yes, I suppose so.
2 years ago·Reply
The world where they had to cram those huge pointy seeds up Morty's butthole, (because Rick's was too loose) might be cool because those seeds made Morty crazy smart, and Rick said they were gonna be great for his science experiments, so that may be an option..... But I think I would really want to live in the dimension they got sent too during the intergalactic house party, because once 'Linkler' sacrifices himself for the party, I could sniff up some of those purple crystals with Rick and just totally party.....then later on, I would stick around to be apart of the time freezing world with Rick, Summer, and Morty.... Because then I could go clear out all the banks with them, and maybe lay giant craps in people's cat's litter boxes, so they think their cat is all sick and demented..... Or maybe I'm the demented one..... I guess I'll exile myself to the land of giant ass cheeks, that are expelling farts when they get bounced on..... What a plethora of possible living situations........!
2 years ago·Reply