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It doesn't get much better than this.

Your favorite fashion designer is branching out. Alexander Wang is known for his amazing line of clothing and shoes. Well, now you can add jewelry to your list of Wang favorites. Much like the designers line of clothing, you can expect the jewelry to be a splash of minimalist mixed with trendy. Wang told WWD, “I always wanted to do jewelry, but I never felt like I had the opportunity. I’ve had my hands quite full. But I really got exposed to it when I went to Balenciaga and I really enjoyed the process.” This past fashion week the designer introduced a few pieces that resulted in his expansion of the line of jewelry.
You can bet your bottom dollar that these jewelry pieces will be complete with at least some type of hardware [similar to that on the Rockie bag]. The pieces range in price from $275 to $525. You have the option to choose between palladium or 24K gold, both will be absolutely gorgeous. Wang never disappoints and who doesn't love timeless pieces. You can never have too much jewelry, or so they say. If you're interested in dabbling in this amazing line of jewelry, keep an eye out via Wang's store and site [here] launching mid December.

Would you invest in one of these minimal pieces?