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Hey guys sup this is kalyan i want to know if you really are a otaku. to prove that tell me 15 anime excluding fairytail, naruto, one piece and bleach. it can be a new anime that just came out and also the anime you didn't see. so dont wait let me know in the comments section below 15 anime. and don't forget to smash that like button. until then next time guy's see ya.
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Am I the only one who has trouble remembering all the anime I have seen. shugo chara soul eater black butler sailor moon Pokemon avatar your lie in April chobits this ugly yet beautiful world my little monster Tokyo ghoul attack on titan free strike witches another save me lollipop the devil is a part timer diabolik lovers so on and so forth
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@MorghanPorter don't judge me. I have been watching anime since the third or fourth grade and I am almost in high school. it is hard to remember all the anime I have watched.
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AOT FMA Darker Than Black Kill La Kill Akame ga Kill Tokyo Ghoul Aoi Hana High School of the Dead Parasyte SAO Gokujo Death Note Dog& Scissors Kannazuki no Miko Strike Witches Michiko ń Hatchin Yurikuma Arashi Magi Inu X Boku SS SOUL EATER SOUL EATER NOT Revolutionary Utena Inuyansha Black Butler Blue Drop DBZ Fate Series Clanned Blue Exorcist Mirai Nikki Akuma No Riddle Love Live One Piece Naruto Fairy Tail Bleach Pullea Magi Madoka Magica Yamada-Kun and the 7 witches FMP Bamboo Blade Elfen Lied Fruit Basket Ben-To Kill Me Baby School Rumble Dear Brother Squid Girl My Familiar Zero Another Strawberry Panic Teen Titans AKB48 Karin Hetalia Devil Lady Medaka Box Gurrwn Lagann Air Master Rosario+ Vampire Hellsing Angel Beats Loveless One Punch Man Sailor Moon etc. That's all I got.
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AOT Pokemon Yugioh Monster Musume Haganai Tokyo Ghoul K-On! Your lie in April Super Sonico SAO Deathnote Sailor Moon Black Butler Highschool DXD Soul Eater
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1. Date A Live 2. Death Note 3. Another 4. Code Geass 5. Cowboy Bebop 6. Black Lagoon 7. Tokyo Ghoul 8. Seven Deadly Sins 9. Black Butler 10. Pokemon 11. Your Lie In April 12. Kill La Kill 13. Akame Ga Kill 14. Clannad 15. One Punch Man 16. Inuyasha 17. Baccano 18. Hellsing Ultimate 19. Higurashi 20. Rin Daughters of Mnemosyne 21. Highschool of the Dead 22. Highschool DxD 23. My Little Monster 24. Ouran High School Host Club 25. Attack on Titan 26. Sword Art Online 27. Air 28. Blazblue: Alter Memory 29. Dragon Ball Z 30. Corpse Party 31. K 32. Boku No Pico 33. Garden of Sinners 34. Strawberry Panic 35. Soul Eater 36. Full Metal Alchemist 37. Fullmetal Panic 38. Madoka Magica 39. Koutoura-san 40. The Irregular at Magic Highschool 41. Vampire Knight 42. Rosario + Vampire 43. Fruits Basket 44. Deadman Wonderland 45. Princess Tutu 46. Blue Exorcist 47. Hetalia 48. Vampire Princess Miyuu 49. Wolf Children 50. Digimon 51. Akatsuki no Yona 52. FLCL 53. Neon Genesis Evangelion 54. Rave Master 55. No Game No Life 56. Angel Beats 57. Future Diary 58. Elfen Leid 59. Berserk 60. Free! Iwatobi Swim Club 61. The Devil Is A Part Timer 62. Detective Conan 63. HunterxHunter 64. Assassination Classroom 65. Food Wars! 66. Junjou Romantica 67. Junjou Terrorist 68. Death Parade 69. Psycho Pass 70. Log Horizon 71. Steins Gate 72. Gurren Lagan 73. Glitter Force 74. Panty and Stocking 75. The World God Only Knows 76. Gosick 77. Kanon 78. School Days 79. Claymore 80. Diabolik Lovers 81. My Neighbor Totoro 82. Howls Moving Castle 83. Avatar the Last Airbender 84. Rozen Maiden 85. Gangsta 86. Ghost Stories 87. Gravitation 88. Kanon 89. Ghost In the Shell 90. Gintama 91. Heaven's Lost Property 92. Magi 93. Kuroko no Basuke 94. Fate Zero 95. Fate Stay Night 96. Shiki 97. Nana 98. Rorouni Kenshin 99. Revolutionary Girl Utena 100. Sailor Moon BOOM BABY!!
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