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"WE CAN End Gun Violence."

It's true, the United States of America is plagued with gun violence. Mass shootings are becoming an everyday thing that Americans are simply indifferent to. Some claim that gun violence is no worse or even decreasing in the US however others are wondering how these people don't realize gun violence in our country is a problem.
Recently in San Bernardino, California, 16 people were shot in a mass shooting that captured the nation's attention. It was shocking quite frankly because we've ignored many shootings like this for weeks however this one was very public, very deadly, and very unnecessary. This week, the Everytown for Gun Safety YouTube channel released a video filled with the biggest celebrities in the industry : Sophia Vergara, Jennifer Aniston, Amy Schumer, and more. They all promoted the idea that America NEEDS to end gun violence! Even Barak Obama was in this video! It just goes to show just how important this issue is.
Guns in America are a huge debate. Some believe that all Americans should have access to guns for personal protection. Some believe that having guns only leads to a continuous string of tragedy. Most countries around the world are baffled at how in love Americans are to when it comes to their guns. It's a society and cultural thing of which our country was founded on however it's becoming an increasingly huge problem that we can't ignore.

Should Americans have the right to bear arms?

@jungkookie1 @nicolejb I think in 'some' ways the issue is too far gone in the US. I think the best you could hope for would be the removal of semi automatic weapons, which really have no pratical use outside dispatching hundreds of bullets a minute. Declare an amnesty - track down those legally sold and buy them back from their owners.
yes we should have the right to bare arms. do you think that if the law abiding citizens give up their guns that the criminals guns will just magically disappear and they won't have a way of getting the guns they were already getting illegally? they will still get guns.
@InPlainSight basically thr government killed a farm owners cattlr because they were trying to seize his land. they dumped all the dead cattle in a mass grave and then went to try and forced him out. the only thing that stopped them was the citizens and militia that had their own guns. sniper rifles, semi automatic guns, and others. we need guns that arent just pistols if the government ever goes in the wrong direction. if the jewish ppl in germany had guns back in the day do you think hitler would have had such an easy time putting them in the camps? an army with hand guns wont stand achance against an army equpied wuth semiautomatic rifles, machine guns, or light machine guns. if our governement ever falls how wiuld we protect ourselves from whatever might happen? another country comes over and tries to take over while were rebuilding. what then? yes these massicures are horrible but i can. beat money that less then 20% of those people that killed the innocent people had obtained those guns leaglly.
@InPlainSight look up the "bundy ranch standoff" that article is why law abiding citizens should be able to have semi-automatic weapons, but only with the proper training. if the peoplr in this article only had handguns and single shot rifles then this wouldnt have ended the same way.
@jungkookie1 my friend @InPlainSight is from Australia! It seems to be working in their country, it would be interesting to see what happens if the U.S. does it. I think their is discussion of a program to not make americans give up their guns, but just change how they are carried/new laws on concealing guns @randysqwishy23 though I'm not sure what will happen
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