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So I was on youtube and stumbled upon this video...When I started watching this it made me CRY right from the begginning...Tell me I wasn't the only one who TEARED UP or at least CRY...If u didnt CRY or TEAR UP u are a emotionless person...3 of my FAV MEMBER'S LEFT, IT LEFT A HOLE IN MY HEART...This made me cry for at least 1 week...THE HOLE THAT BEGAN IS STILL THERE MAYBE JUST MAYBE WE WILL SEE ALL 12 COME TOGETHER AND PERFORM....As a EXO-L the pain of them leaving hit me hard ...I supported them leaving and ik many of u are gonna hate me or something but i honestly don't care....I supported them because even tho they left we will always remember EXO as 12 not 9... As a EXO-L myself i felt the need to support them cuz there was gonna be some EXO-Ls who wouldn't and who still aren't supporting them and bashing them for leaving EXO but they need all the support they can get...They may be 9 IN OUR EYES, but 12 WILL STAY IN OUR ❀❀...!!EXO FIGHTING!! WE ARE ONE FOREVER!!
This is so sweet if u get it u know what im sayin
He still has attachment ❀
3 joined the galaxy
Me when i found out
The tears still come once in a while but u know u live and forget right
When the HAN in HUNHAN left!! Poor Sehun oppa
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Crap😀I'm crying 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
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Right @clandrea170 Ah yess finally some who knows how i feel @Jiyongixoxo same I keep rewatching it @nancyMnguyen
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This hurts sooo bad knowing they're gone but at the same time they're doing good on their own!!! </3 T~T Exo we are one!!!
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Right i still cry to this day hearing there songs wen OT12 was still together @VIPforever123
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