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You sat there just behind the stage watching the show. You felt your body shaking every time Tae turned around and smiled. His smile seemed sad in his eyes though. As if he was scared to speak to you too. You were so ready for the show to end you kept looking at your phone for the time. Minutes felt like hours to you at this point. Then finally.. RM: " Alright guys we have one more song for you tonight." JK: "Were not supposed to perform it yet in concert, but you've been such a great crowd you earned it" V: "And you know I want you to know, this is for you" He turned to look at you again and winked a bit. The music began to play, it was Butterfly. A song you thought was about letting someone go. Now you didn't know what to think of it. When the song ended Tae practically ran to you and hugged you.
You were so shocked and happy so of course you squeezed him right back. Tae: "I thought I'd never see you again," he whispered to himself You couldn't speak, you had no idea what he was talking about. You: "W-what are you talking about?" Tae: "Nothing, just, atter seeing you in the hall, I thought I'd lose your face in the crowd. I don't know why but I needed to see you again" you smiled, Tae was saying this to YOU, a fan girl from LA. You were so happy you squealed a lil bit. He laughed. Tae: "I'm so sorry, was there anyone with you they must be worried about you" You: "Oh yeah Derryck was with me!!" Tae: "Oh...Derryck." he sounded sad. "I'll have someone bring him back here for you. Wanna come hang out with us for a lil while?" You nodded aggressively and followed him to the back.
You stopped in this room, where all the members were relaxing after the show. They all fell silent when you entered, and just stared at you. Jungkook was the first to say anything. JK: "Hi there," he stood smiled and offered a hand shake, "I'm Jungkook. It's nice to meet you" Jimin: "Hey there gorgeous, welcome to bangtan changing room," he winked and looked at you up and down Jin: "Hello young lady I'm surprised Tae invited you back here with us boys," he teased pushing Tae by the shoulders a bit. Tae didn't mind he just laughed, you looked at him and noticed he was actually blushing too. J-Hope: "hehe hey there Hopes the name so I hope we can be friends in the future" he laughed at his own joke. RM: "Hi I HOPE you aren't too bothered by these guys" he glared at j-Hope as he used his joke against him, "can someone wake up suga and introduce him to....I'm sorry what was you name?" You: "Oh! I'm so sorry! I'm y/n and I'm really happy to meet you all! You dint need to wake up Suga I'm sure he's tired" Suga groaned at you, "Aiish why do I need to be awake we just finished a concert" Tae told them to excuse him and he grabbed your wrist and left the room.
As you were being dragged you said your goodbyes to the members and they all laughed. The members started talking after you left. RM: "Hey Suga, do you think he's-" S: "Dont even finish that sentence Namjoon. He's not that crazy" JK: "Yeah but after what happened-" Jimin: "Kookie stop, Yoongis right. He wouldn't do that." Meanwhile you were still being dragged by Tae. V: "I shouldn't have brought you here when you have a boyfriend I'm sorry" You: "OH NO! HES NOT MY BOYFRIEND" you quickly explained the situation, you didn't want to lose any chance at Tae not loving you. Tae: "Oh good," he said with much relief and a smile, "now I dont have to feel so guilty" You: "Guilty? For what?" Tae: "For this" He grabbed you arm and pulled you close enough to where your chests touched and you could feel his heart racing along side yours. But your lips hadn't touched yet, he stared into your eyes and whispered into your ear, "I don't want you to ever forget about me". You couldn't hold yourself back anymore you wrapped your hands around his neck and pulled his lips to yours. You felt the softness of his kiss and the warmth of his lips. Your feelings exploded and you were floating on air. Firework sounds played in your head, you didn't want it to end.