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Hey everyone just a update on family time. Can't remember if I posted her Halloween pics so here is a pic. Anywho my daughter is a year and 8mths and she is getting really bossy. XD She is starting to verbalize more and express herself through tantrums. She also now knows how to turn on a phone, unlock it, get on facebook, call and text people, and play games. XD
Our truck got hit in the early morning, about 1am, Veterans Day. We were one of 6 cars that got hit by 2 BMWs, one male and a female who ended up in hospital. They totaled out the 2 BMWs, our truck, a neighbors SUV(in tree) and another's neighbors car. The thing that pissed me off most was the guy didn't even talk to anyone. He just called his dad and spoke to the officer on scene. Apparently the guy doesn't have insurance or it lapsed and now we have to wait for a police report. So hopefully it goes well.
Finals!!!! They are kicking my butt! But with some encouragement from a card I got tagged in, @Helixx , I am pumped and ready to tackle it. So hopefully I do great! ^^
That's the gist of everything that's happened.
@Helixx Thanks so much. I know I feel like I can do well on finals after reading the card. They are due next week but we got a extra week to work on it.
Awe... Your daughter is so cute! I'm really happy you tagged me in this update. I loved reading about your family. I hope everything goes well with your car. The important thing is you and your family are ok. You're safe and unharmed. I'm sending you positive vibes for when you take your finals. I know you'll do great. You got this!