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I don't hate fanservice, but I don't love it. Honestly, half the time I'm not sure how I feel about it. I just feel like there's a line that's crossed sometimes...but where is that line?
I think it differs for everyone, really. I mean, I don't mind fanservice when I expect it or its a huge part of the series, but when I'm in the middle of heavy plot development, and then suddenly it's like "oh she's accidentally half naked for the rest of the episode, cool," well.....then I get a little confused.

But maybe I'm thinking a little too hard about the...

...unnecessary panty shots....

...unnecessary shirtless dudes (that are fanservice, too, okay girls?)...

I feel like when people talk about fan service, it's always about the boobs and the girls and the panty shots, but the shirtless dudes count, too.

...unnecessary touching...

....and the cute maid outfits.....

(and...well, everything else going on here)

...do I even need to say it....

...any beach episode....

Anyways, I'm not against all fanservice.

Or any, really. I may not like it all, but I'm not against it. After all, the idea is that the fans will like it, and that's why it's put in. There's a reason there isn't fan service in certain anime: because the producers think that the audience for that show wouldn't want it!
But actually, there's fan service in everything: fan service could even be including lots of blood & gore, if you think about it, because that would mean that it's being put in for the audiences enjoyment, right? I know it sounds a little weird, but hey! That's what it is.
Anyways, my point is if you like anime for the maid and bikini waifus, then keep watching shows with them, and if you hate those kind of things, then keep watching the anime that don't have them.

The end! ;)

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I agree with you! Sometimes I find it a little shocking, but it is there to cater to those who watch it. You make a good argument. But there are also times when I find it a little out of place for the scene and plot line.
does anyone know what anime the 4th pic is from?
some times the fan service can go to far and kill the Anime in some people's opinion. for me that would be sekirei. it was just too much and did nothing for the show. thankfully most anime do it tastefully. I would say high school dxd would be my upper limit of fan service but that show does it right and makes jokes or moves the plot along because of it.
fan service does cross the boundary especially when ur watching it with ur young siblings.
fan servicing can just go nuts. some authors are forced to through in either a joking yaoi misunderstanding or an actual relationship cause some fans were so loud about shipping. then there's forced relationships between characters like in Fate Stay Night (the new one the complete name escapes me sorry). I think for one the author should never be pressured. also don't think they have the toe the line so close to hentai I mean there are seriously enough skilled artists that do that on deviant art and what not if those fans really need it